08 March 2018

Turkey’s Council of Higher Education has decided to establish the first research center focusing on the history of Occupied Jerusalem.

According to TRT satellite channel, the council decided to establish a center for applied research and Jerusalem studies to keep the issue of the holy city high on the international agenda.

Istanbul’s Marmara University will host the new research center, and preparations have been launched in this regard.

The center will perform academic and scholarly studies on Jerusalem, one of the most important issues in the Islamic world and the Middle East.

It will also hold symposiums, seminars, workshops, conferences and other Jerusalem oriented activities inside and outside the country, and will promote postgraduate and doctoral studies focusing on the holy city.

In addition, projects will be developed and carried out in cooperation with national and international institutions and organizations in the field of Jerusalem studies.

Reports, analyses, newsletters, magazines, and books on Jerusalem will also be published.

There are plans to make the center provide a specialized library and database on the city and its history for undergraduate and post-graduate students.