17 October 2018

The Temple Institute, dedicated to the destruction of Masjid al-Aqsa in September announced the birth on their YouTube channel of a red heifer heralding it as an important development in their understanding of end-time theology.

The Institute said the calf and its mother would undergo “extensive examination” to determine if it’s “blemish free”.

In the announcement, the Institute said the red female calf “brings the promise of reinstating Biblical purity to the world”.

The birth and sacrifice of the red cow is claimed by proponents of this ideology to precede the construction of the Temple in Jerusalem in place of Masjid al-Aqsa.

In mainstream Orthodox Judaism, the building of the Temple will happen before the coming of the Jewish Messiah.

However, The Temple Institute and other organisations have been established with the goal of building the Third Temple on Mount Moriah or the Temple Mount.

Director of The Temple Institute, Rabbi Chain Richman, believes it’s now time to build the Third Temple following the birth of the red heifer.

The video on the Institutes’s YouTube channel shows the calf with its mother and proclaims: “a perfectly red heifer was born in the land of Israel”.

The calf has since undergone “extensive examination by rabbinical experts” who confirmed she is a “viable candidate for the Biblical red heifer”.

However, the cow could be disqualified due to “natural causes”.

The Temple Institute founded a Raise a Red Heifer in Israel program three years ago.

They have been hoping to breed a perfectly red cow and the frozen embryos of red angus cows have been imported to Israel and implanted into domestic cows.

The prophecy says the cow must be red “without blemish”.

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