13 December 2018

Jewish settler tours of Masjid al-Aqsa are part of an Israeli scheme to ignite a religious war, the Palestinian Authority said in November.

The allegation came in response to a visit to the Mount by Agriculture Minister Uri Ariel.

In recent years, the PA has been regularly condemning visits by Jewish settler groups and members of the Temple movements.

“The aggression on al-Aqsa Mosque by storming it is a hellish crime perpetrated by and initiated by an extremist terror ideology,” said Yusef al-Mahmoud, spokesman of the Ramallah-based PA government.

He suggested that the Israeli minister’s visit to al-Aqsa was carried out on instructions from the Israeli government to “storm the Aqsa Mosque on a daily basis.”

Mahmoud said that anyone who takes part in storming mosques and churches in Jerusalem, “represents this bloody ideology, which is even banned under Israeli laws.”

ADAPTED from Jerusalem Post