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WATCH: One Night at al-Aqsa documentary in the making

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14 June 2019

Red Face Films – the producers of the famed One Day in the Haram Documentary have announced work towards the release a new production titled – One Night in al-Aqsa.

One Day in the Haram was described as the extraordinary story of the Haram in Makkah, a place so revered that non-Muslims are forbidden from even setting foot in it.​

For the 1st time in history, the production afforded an eyewitness account of the inner workings of the Haram, as seen through the eyes of the workers, over a full day period.

Red Face Director Abrar Hussain recently wrote on Facebook, “If there is one city in this world that I love as much as Makkah, it would be the holy city of Jerusalem. I can’t explain in words how much appreciation I have for this city and its people.”

WATCH the official One Night at al-Aqsa trailer below: