13 September 2019

The Jordanian parliament met at the Akef al Fayez center Monday August 19th and after listening to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, made the following 17-point statement in regards to ways to respond to Israeli violations in Jerusalem:

1.       The Jordanian parliament expresses appreciation for Jordanian diplomacy led by King Abdullah in all international forums.

2.       It expresses the rejection of the division by time or place of Al Aqsa mosque. Recalling the UNESCO resolutions that state that all 144 dunums of the mosque area is for prayer. Pointed out resolutions 252 and 271 which have no time limitations.

3.       The Zionist entity is not allowed to change the state of Islamic holy sites in Jerusalem which is a violation of international laws and covenants.

4.       A call to permanent members of the UN Security Council, European Union, Arab League and Islamic Cooperation to stress upon them the need to solve the Palestinian issue.

5.       A call for the Road to Jerusalem II conference with royal patronage as was the first conference.

6.       Stressing the importance of the sustainability of the Hashemite custodianship on Christian and Islamic holy places in Jerusalem. This is a historic right that has been guaranteed by international covenants.

7.       Calling on the heads of Arab parliaments to hold an emergency meeting to discuss the situation of Jerusalem.

8.       Calling on the foreign ministry to use all available means to press the Zionist entity to carry out all its international commitments regarding Jerusalem.

9.       Calling on the foreign ministry to pressure the Zionist entity to stop all its settlement activities in the Palestinian territories and to carry out all previous UNESCO resolutions regarding Jerusalem.

10.   Pressure to stop all digging activities in Jerusalem which are in violation of international law.

11.   The Islamic Waqf in Al Aqsa must be supported, its guards and employees increased.

12.   Organizing a protest action at the King Hussein Bridge by members of the parliament next Friday in protest to the storming by the Zionist minister of agriculture in Jerusalem which is aimed at allowing Jewish settlers to carry out Talmudic prayer in Al-Haram al-Sharif/al Aqsa mosque.

13.   Initiating a review of the Wadi Araba agreement by the Legal and Palestine Committees

14.   Recalling our ambassador in Tel Aviv and expelling the Ambassador of the Zionist Entity in Amman.

15.   Stopping of all normalization activities with the Zionist entity.

16.   Bab Al Rahmeh must remain open for Muslims to pray.

17.   Standing up to the racist Zionist laws by means of the Arab Parliament.

The members of the parliament also called on international parliamentarians to take a position regarding the Zionist violations and called on Arab parliamentarians to hold a meeting in Amman in this regard.

SOURCE: Amman Net