13 September 2019

The Temple Institute has released a new video to “awaken” world Jewry and reframe the traditional period of mourning into one of preparation for the rebuilding of the Third Holy Temple. Although millions of Jews worldwide fast on the Ninth of Av (observed this year on August 11st) and strictly adhere to the other halachic requirements said to be in mourning of the destruction of the “two Holy Temples”, according to the Institute for too many the concept of building the Temple is like a far-away dream. These are the people the Temple Institute purportedly wishes to awaken from their slumber.

The video is the seventh in the series which began as the ‘Children are Ready’ which has accumulated over 1 million views on the Temple Institute’s YouTube page. The video challenges the viewers’ preconceptions of Tisha B’Av as a day of eternal mourning.

It presents a dramatic twist from the usual Tisha B’Av messages of mourning. The Institute’s stated goal is to emotionally shake up Orthodox Jewish communities worldwide by reframing the holiday, focusing away from the past and towards the future.

“The idea is for people to focus on the true meaning of Tisha B’Av,” said Rabbi Chaim Richman, international director of the Temple Institute. “Tisha B’Av is not about just mourning, it is about acting to bring the Holy Temple back to the world – a ‘House of prayer for all nations. Every year, millions of Jews worldwide robotically observe the mourning rituals of the three weeks, nine days and Tisha B’Av as if nothing has changed in the last century. Meanwhile, we are losing our connection to the Temple Mount because most of Orthodox Jewry have ignored the fact that it has been in Jewish hands for five decades. It’s time to vote with our feet and send a clear message to the world that we truly believe that the Temple Mount is ours and we truly hope and pray for a time of unparalleled world peace and harmony with the re-building of the Third Temple. This new video is an emotional and visual tool to awaken world Jewry this Tisha B’Av and have them internalise the message that the dream of 2000 years is finally within our reach.”

The Temple Institute is a leading player in the right-wing Temple Movement that seeks the destruction of Masjid al-Aqsa. In addition to educational activity focused on the Temple, they have also recreated over 60 vessels said to be for use in the Temple which they hope to establish, which can be seen at their Visitors Center in the Old City of Jerusalem.

ADAPTED FROM: Breaking Israel News