23 November 2021

Head of Hamas’s political bureau Ismail Haneyya confirmed that Jordan is the pulse of Jerusalem, and the Jordanian and Palestinian peoples have a common destiny, and one soul in two bodies.

This came during his participation at a radio program on the occasion of a fundraising campaign organized by the Jordanian Engineers Association to contribute in renovating Palestinian houses in the Old City of Jerusalem, at the onset of November.

“Such campaigns constitute a political and moral support for our Palestinian people in Jerusalem as it confirms Jordan’s strategic position towards the Palestinian cause, and reaffirms the importance of financial support,” he said.

These campaigns also reaffirm Jordan’s responsibility towards the holy sites, based on the Palestinian-Jordanian agreement,” he further said, stressing Hamas’s adherence to Jordan’s historical guardianship of Muslim holy sites in the city of Jerusalem.

Haneyya pointed out that the inter-Arab disputes constituted a good opportunity for the Israeli occupation to carry out its settlement projects.

“We call for an end to all disputes through a strategic dialogue that results in historical reconciliations,” he said.

Hamas chief also stressed his total rejection of any projects aimed at liquidating the Palestinian issue and undermining the Jordanian sovereignty, pointing out that the deal of the century threatens both Jordan and Palestine.

Haneyya concluded by hailing the Jordanian position against the deal of the century despite its high costs.

SOURCE: Palestinian Information Centre