Masjid al Aqsa Guide

Masjid al Aqsa is located in the southeast corner of the Old City of Jerusalem, covering one-sixth of its area. The masjid comprises the entire area within the compound walls(a total of 144 000m2 ) and includes all the mosques, prayer rooms, buildings, platforms and open courtyards located above or under the grounds. It also encompasses in excess of 200 historical monuments from across Islamic history.

The Masjid comprises 4 levels:

  1. Underground level: This level contains wells and water canals, as well as some buildings that are currently filled with earth and waste
  1. Subterranean level: This level comprises the Marwani musalla in the southeastern corner, what is known as the ‘Ancient Aqsa’(below the current Qibli Masjid), the Buraq Musalla(below the Moroccan Gate in the west), the Golden Gate in the east (also known as Bab Ar Rahmah and Bab At Tawbah), and the closed gates: the single, the double, the triple, the Buraq Gate and the lower Gate of the Chain.
  1. ‘Qibli level’: This part incorporates the Southern Qibli Masjid as well as the vast middle courtyard comprising open gates, corridors, platforms, trees etc.
  1. Highest level: The Dome of the Rock and other domed monuments are found here – the highest plateau within Masjid al Aqsa

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