Musallah al Marwani

Also known as the Eastern Basement, this is a massive subterranean hall located in the south-eastern corner of the Al Aqsa mosque. It extends over four and a half acres of land and can cater for approximately 6000 worshippers at once. It can be accessed using a stone staircase that is connected to two huge gates, which is situated to the northeast of the Qibli Masjid.

In co-ordination with the Al Aqsa Institution for the Renovation of Islamic Sites in the Galilee, and under the supervision of the Islamic Waqf in Jerusalem, thousands of young volunteers from al Quds, Galilee and the Naqab participated in refurbishing the Musalla al Marwani. Carpets for its interior were donated by the Arab Republic of Egypt in 1996. This area is mistakenly sometimes called ‘Solomon’s Stables’.