Islamic Museum

This museum was established in 1341H/1923CE by the then Supreme Islamic Council, and is considered the first museum to be established in Palestine. Initially, it’s artefacts were housed ina building just outside Masjid al Aqsa, but in 1348H/1929CE it was relocated to within the Masjid al Aqsa compound, in its southwest corner, adjacent to the Moroccan Gate. The museum building comprises two halls, at right angles to each other. Among the rare artefacts from across the span of Islamic history that are housed at the museum are:

*Some 750 historical manuscripts of the Holy Qur’aan, with the oldest dating back to the 2nd Century Hijri/8th Century CE

*The largest copy of the Holy Qur’aan in Palestine, written during the era of the Mamluk Sultan Barsbay

*Islamic ceramics, coins and glassware

*Guns, swords and daggers