19 July 2017

For the third consecutive day, Muslims, valiantly led by the Ulama of al Quds have refused to enter al Aqsa due to the installation of metal detectors at some of its gates. Locals on Tuesday warned of the dire consequences of keeping the new measure in place, especially ahead of Friday prayers.

Muhammad Arar, a resident of the Muslim Quarter, told The Jerusalem Post that locals were willing to escalate the situation until they got their way. He added that Friday would be a critical point.

“If the metal detectors are not removed, we will see an explosion here,” said Arar.

“People will tear them down with their hands. The number of people who enter al-Aqsa every Friday is huge, so the police have three days to reevaluate [the enhanced security measures].”

Tens of thousands of Muslims normally attend Friday prayers at Masjid al Aqsa.

Wa’al, another resident of the Muslim Quarter, said that the new security measures are an act of war not only against the Palestinian people, but the entire Muslim world.

“The fact that we haven’t heard anything from [Egyptian President Abdel Fattah] al-Sisi or King Abdullah [of Jordan] does not mean anything.

They do not represent the millions of Muslim who are watching us every day and supporting our struggle.

“In this battle, the Israeli government will learn who the Palestinian people are, and how persistent we are.

We will never give up,” Wa’al said.