04 December 2017

Israeli police detained for several hours a number of Aqsa Mosque guards after they confronted Jewish zealots who reached the vicinity of the Dome of the Rock in violation of visit regulations for Israeli-police accompanied visits, officials from the Muslim Waqf department in charge of the Muslim holy sites in Jerusalem said on Monday.

A number of Jewish settlers accompanied by army officers walked on Sunday around the platform where the Dome of the Rock is located in al-Haram al-Sharif compound in Jerusalem’s Old City.

The settlers, who are usually accompanied by police as they hold their provocative tour of the Muslim holy site, have been confined in their walk to a specific area near the Qibli Masjid building and not the Dome of the Rock elevated platform.

When Waqf guards objected to the walk on the platform of the Dome of the Rock, police intervened and kept the guards away. Later, four of the guards were detained and warned against standing in the way of the settlers. Three were later released while the fourth was still in detention and will later appear at court.

The Waqf department and the Jordanian government strongly objected to the change in the visit rules for Jewish fanatics in al-Haram al-Sharif and called on Israel to respect the status quo at the Mosque, warning that any changes in the visits could provoke widespread violence.