07 December 2018

Israeli Police District Commander Yoram Halevy has recommended increasing the frequency of Knesset Members’ visits to al-Aqsa.

Kann 11 reported that according to police, there are no exceptional incidents on al-Aqsa and there is no intelligence about anticipated incidents. Therefore, if the situation remains this way, Knesset Members may be allowed to visit al-Aqsa without restriction.

The decision now rests with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who, according to estimates, will not hasten to recommend increasing the frequency of visits for fear of worsening tension between Israel and Jordan.

In 2015, Netanyahu forbade Knesset Members and ministers to visit the Masjid. Last July Netanyahu allowed MKs to visit again – but only once every three months.

Halevi now believes that “if unusual incidents are not recorded, I see no reason not to completely remove the time limit in the future.”