20 July 2020

Father Manuel Musallam, a noted Palestinian priest and head of the World Popular Organization for Jerusalem Justice and Peace, has urged the Arab and Muslim nations to protect the Aqsa Mosque against the Israeli occupation.

“Do not let the Aqsa Mosque become a martyr because of you and your idleness and do not allow your enemy to occupy Bab al-Rahma (one of the Aqsa Mosque’s prayer areas) in order to take over the Aqsa Mosque and the holy Dome of the Rock and defile our spiritual glory,” Father Musallam said in recent press remarks.

“Bab al-Rahma is the gate of glory and dignity for our Arab and Muslim peoples today,” the priest said, calling for firmly standing up in the face of the occupation and preventing it from imposing its control over the Aqsa Mosque’s gates.

“Those whose hearts are not attached to the Aqsa Mosque have no place among our Arab nation. They have no Islam or Arab identity,” he added.

SOURCE: Palestine Information Center