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Al-Aqsa week 1442/2021

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27 February 2021

Al-Aqsa Week is an international initiative to occur from 6-12 March 2021. Convened by Friends of Al-Aqsa (FOA) it constitutes a full week of workshops, activities, talks and events dedicated to raising awareness about Masjid Al-Aqsa.

Aqsa Week will coincide with al-Isra wal-Miraj (11th March) to bring the love of Al-Aqsa to the global community under the banner of #LoveAqsa.

Aqsa Week is about creating conversations on why we #LoveAqsa

This year, Friends of Al-Aqsa (FOA) has partnered with American Muslims for Palestine (AMP) to deliver an exciting educational week in order to bring a global focus to Al-Aqsa and the Palestinian people.

Organisers are calling upon university societies, families, mosques, work places, halaqas, local councils and parliaments around the world to hold events under the banner of #LoveAqsa.

Aqsa Week should be marked by organising varied events that bring to fore the centrality of Al-Aqsa and the plight of the Palestinians. The events should also recognise other oppressed and colonised people. Aqsa Week should be used to teach Muslim and non-Muslims of the great heritage of Masjid Al-Aqsa and how to support the occupied people around the world.

FOA and AMP have organised a week of events (6 – 12 March) to give a direction on how you can organise programmes in your network or organisation.

Links to some Aqsa Week coverage

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Support from Palestine: Click here, here and here

Jamiatul Ulama in South Africa statement to support Aqsa Week:

Some resources on Al-Aqsa week can be found via the Friends of Al-Aqsa Website:

Wherever in the world you are, you can:

  1. Arrange an event in your network (university, college, school, mosque, madrassa, halaqa, work, council, parliament) on any topic related to Al-Aqsa.
  2. Ask your local mosque to deliver a khutba on al-Isra wal-Miraj on Friday 12th March. You can download a template khutba here.
  3. Join the global dua for Al-Aqsa (details coming soon).

All Aqsa Week events (6-12 March) will be shown live on our YouTube

If you have any questions on the campaign, please email and the Palestine Information Network (PIN) have a number of resources and programmes that can assist your Al-Aqsa research needs or events planning: