25 August 2021

In a further indication of the eroding status quo of Masjid al-Aqsa as a Muslim-only place of worship, Zionist temple groups are celebrating a reported breakthrough in being granted permission by the Israeli occupation to chant the Israeli anthem inside the Masjid.

A report from the Jewish News Syndicate (JNS):

(August 22, 2021, JNS Wire) Reports from “Beyadenu – Returning to the Temple Mount” claiming that it is now possible to sing the Israeli national anthem, Hatikva, freely on the Temple Mount.

On June 29th, Ofir Dayan, the Head of Beyadenu’s Parliamentary Team, ascended the Temple Mount. She “dared” sing the national anthem of Israel and her “punishment” was – being denied entry to the Mount for over a month, against the law and police protocols. Ofir and Beyadeynu could have given up the right to sing HaTikavah on the Temple Mount but they decided to fight for their rights, instead.

After a civil, parliamentary, and legal battle, along with the Legal advisor of the organization, Itamar Barkai, and members of Knesset, Ofir came back to the mount without any conditions and sang the national anthem in the site. Obviously, the Middle East wasn’t set on fire and nothing happened. The police didn’t intervene.

It is worth mentioning that in 2018 Tom Nisani was arrested at the mount for singing Hatikva in memory of Ari Fuld, one of the Temple Mount ascenders, who was murdered in a terror attack.

Singing the national anthem on the Temple Mount is a right, some would say a duty, for citizens of Israel

Ofir Dayan, Head of Beyadenu’s of Parliamentary Team: “I felt a huge injustice was made to me when the police told me I’m not allowed to sing my national anthem in the holiest site in Judaism. I am a Zionist who grew up believing in the importance of Jewish peoplehood and by singing the anthem, I express this sentiment. I would not be deterred and would keep insisting on my right to do so”.

Tom Nisani, the Executive Director of Beyadenu said: “We will never give up any of our rights. Singing Hatikva in our land, and in our holiest site is natural”. END

NB. Termnology and wording is as per the JNS report and is shared for information purposes only.