09 September 2021

Sheikh Saleh Malhi, Manager of the Hashimi Hotel Jerusalem visited the North-West as part of his UK wide tour to raise the awareness of Masjid al Aqsa.

Sheikh Saleh Malhi who has born in Jerusalem and has been raised there and is now the manager at the world famous Hashimi Hotel in the Old City.

Over the past few weeks he has been touring the UK visiting many masaajid and delivering lectures about the importance of the ummah connecting with Masjid al Aqsa and coming to visit it as soon as the restrictions are lifted.  

Sheikh Saleh in his lecture to the congregation stressed that his arrival to the UK is not to raise funds for charity, nor for any business but solely to deliver this message from the people of Palestine that Masjid al Aqsa needs the Muslim ummah to come, visit and pray there. 

Those who have visited Masjid Al-Aqsa and stayed at the Hashimi Hotel in Jerusalem will remember that the first person they meet upon arrival is Sheikh Saleh. 

Sheikh Saleh said “I long to meet my fellow brothers and sisters from the UK and as always I will be waiting for their arrival at the airport.”

Zaheer Patel who hosted Sheikh Saleh in Preston said: “We are very lucky that Sheikh Saleh has come to us and we have seen that those who have attended his lectures have been inspired and he has reignited the spark of that yearning to visit the Holy Lands in everyone’s heart”. 

SOURCE: Asian Image